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How we do it

  • We see ourselves playing an important role in the skills transfer as one of the most valuable long-term effects of our operations.
  • We are therefore fully committed to unlocking the potential of local people through the cultivation of agile ways of working together with our customers, business partners and regulators and constantly learning from one another for the mutual benefit of all.
  • We prioritise quality training and digitalisation and strive to offer a variety of online courses in partnership with industry-leading educational institutions and platforms.
  • We partner with clients and private sector players who are developing the technologies that will shape the energy of the future to be ready for the transition.
  • We pro-actively foster and publicise Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and provide equal opportunities to all. Our philosophy is to take on board people who are eager to boost their skills, broaden horizons and extend knowledge.
  • We offer a competitive reward package of base salary, incentives and benefits designed to attract, retain and motivate the best talent to power the Oil and Gas industry for years to come.

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