Our Impact

We support sustainable development

  • We are committed to creating value for our customers and always strive to deliver high-quality, professional and sustainable services.
  • Throughout the years of building and growing our business in Ghana, we have mapped out the UN Sustainability Development Goals and identified the goals on which we may have the largest impact through our operations.
  • We believe responsible companies play an important role in solving major global challenges.
  • Being a responsible company, the core of our sustainability focus includes Safety, Our People and Human Rights, Climate and Environment, Local Content and Responsible Business.

We invest in Ghana's future

  • We offer our services based on our broad local expertise and deep understanding of specific project needs across the entire value chain of upstream and downstream Oil and Gas operations.
  • We take advantage of a strong network of pre-vetted reputable vendors which enables us to provide the widest possible range of services via personalization of our offering to the customer needs.
  • We always strive to deliver reliable goods and products to our clients at competitive prices while maximizing local content through our procurement strategies implementation.
  • We adopt a performance-driven culture and always aim to build trust and demonstrate our dedication to conducting business with integrity to generate consistent results.
  • We make sure to operate in alignment with our Code of Conduct and in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and policies.
  • We are committed to safe and efficient operations and always ensure that our clients’ goals are duly met or exceeded.